Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lasagna In My Newest Garage Sale Find~ Recipe Included

Lasagna Using my Newest Garage Sale Find!

                   Garage Sale Lasagna Pan

If you ask my kids what their favorite meal is they will say Spaghetti or Lasagna.  We are NOT Italian but when my kids were little the used to say they were since they LOVED Italian food so much.  So today I will make my mom's lasagna in my Princess House Lasagna Pan that I bought at a garage sale recently. My friends Traci and Melissa each had a Princess House Home Party this year and I remember looking at this pan but the price was more than I was willing to spend. I was elated when I came upon one in a garage sale.  Today is the first time that I will use my new pan.  It is bigger than my old Large Pyrex pan that I have used in the past.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Garage Sales Help Make Hosting Thanksgiving Easy!

     My Thanksgiving Table ready for Turkey Day!

Hosting Thanksgiving with a little help from garage sales.  Thanksgiving is upon us once again.  It has become tradition that we host Thanksgiving at our house every year. We will be having 20 people for dinner this year.  I am a planner and  I have many things already prepared and in the freezer ready to go.  Today, I set the table for our Thanksgiving feast.   Yes, Thanksgiving is still 1 short week away. I believe if you can do something ahead of time, you can enjoy yourself when the actually day arrives.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Garage Sale Treasure Becomes a Work of Art!

I LOVE to go to Garage Sales!  I never know what I will find.  It is always about the "hunt" for that special item that you can put to good use.  Not everything that I buy is used as it is meant to be.  An example is when I bought this great looking water fountain kit.  It had everything in it.  Metal plates that just snapped together, a liner and some fake grass and cat tails.   

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Even Oprah has a GARAGE SALE!

Photos: Oprah auctions personal items for charity
credit AZFamily.com

On Saturday November 2, 2013, Oprah had what many are considering the BIGGEST Garage Sale EVER!  Well I know many people will take offense at that because we ALL think we have the biggest and best sale.  It is said that Oprah’s sale raised $600,000 for her schools in Africa.  Ok, that IS a BIG garage sale.  Actually, Oprah had an auction of items that she no longer needed.  Just like many of us that decided to have a garage sale of the items we no longer need.  It has been said that Oprah had went through her many homes all over the world and decided what she could part with for the sale.  These items were then gathered by the Kaminski Auction House.  The epic garage sale generated more money than expected.  One tea pot that was expect to get $100 got a high bid of $1,000.  WOW!  A garage sale is a wonderful way to raise money for a cause.  Thanks Oprah for making a garage sales cool and setting the bar so high.