Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Tips For Cleaning Out Stuff For A Garage Sale

Laundry Room BEFORE the Clean Out!

Laundry Room AFTER the Clean Out

Every year I hold a garage sale at my house that has 14 families in it, AND I also organize my Subdivision Garage Sale for the last 18 years.  It is one of the most successful Subdivision Garage Sales in the County. People come from all over Michigan, Ohio, Canada and elsewhere. I am often asked how do you have enough things to sell every year.  The answer is I am continually cleaning my cupboards/closets/rooms gathering things that we don't need or want anymore.  I always say that if I didn't clean out and have a garage sale every year, I would be a hoarder!

Today my youngest son was chosen (threatened) to clean the laundry room. The summer season is just a memory and we needed to put away our sandals and break out the winter wear.  This son was chosen to do this job because he LOVES his shoes and owns many pairs.  He may have gotten that from me. : )

5 Tips to Clean Out for a Garage Sale:

1st Tip: Empty out the space you want to clean out.  If the space is too big and overwhelming, start by a shelf or one rack of the closet.  This makes it more manageable. 

2nd Tip:    Make 3 piles to start.    Garage Sale Pile
                                                        Keep Pile
                                                        Throw Out Pile
   The laundry basket of sandals are mine that I will keep.
            I will put them back in my closet.

 There is a "Golden Rule" of Garage Sales that is you NEVER sell ANYTHING that you know is broke without full disclosure!  You would NOT want to buy something at a sale that is broke.  That is the reason for the Throw Out Pile. 

                             This is our SELL Pile. 
                These will be sold in the Garage Sale

3rd Tip:  Sort EVERYTHING in the cupboard/closet into one of the 3 piles.  *If you haven't used something in 1 year you need to get it out of your house to make room for new things.

4th Tip: Put ONLY the items that you have decided that you can't live without back neatly in your cupboard or closet.

       These are my son's shoes that he wants to keep
          and will be put back into the laundry room

5th Tip: The items in the Garage Sale Pile must be put somewhere you have deemed as your "Garage Sale holding area" .  (Mine is in my basement under a table that I can cover with a table cloth when we entertain.)

            My husband's ONLY pair of shoes!

My husband loves to complain about all the shoes in the laundry room.  He always says he only has 1 pair of shoes.  Ok that is a complete lie!  He has work boots and snow boots that are kept outside in the garage and of course he has 3 pair of dress shoes.  He never remembers any of  these. 

Happy Cleaning and Gathering!

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