Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Garage Sale Finds Get NEW Life with Paint

                             Spray Paint

              Craft Paint and  Brush

I love to make something old new again with a little paint.  I don't consider myself a creative person in the sense of having an idea and knowing how to execute it.  The executing part is where I have problems.  I come from a long line of very creative and talented people but I think it stopped with me. I have realized that I am a wiz with a can of spray paint. I discovered this purely by accident when one day I just got up the nerve and picked up a can and started to paint. My advice is to grab a can of spray paint and start spraying something big like a metal chair.  You can practice getting the feel of how to spray paint.

         Metal Wall Hanging Before Spray Paint


I picked up this metal sun wall hanging at a garage sale a few years ago. I still really like it but recently I changed my family room accent color over to silver.  I decided I would spray paint the sun silver.  I am pleased with how it come out. 

          Metal Wall Hanging AFTER Spray Paint

Another treasure I picked up at a sale was this (hum...not sure what you call this) art piece.  I liked the overall design but knew I had to give it a little make-over with silver paint. I enlisted my mom's talents. I told her my idea and asked her to paint it for me.  She used craft paint and a paint brush to accomplish this.  I love this piece now and it works so well in my family room. 



                                                                Art Piece Before

In the Process of Making This Piece NEW Again

                                                                  Renewed Art Piece!

Work of Art!

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