Thursday, December 26, 2013

Record Album From A Garage Sale into a Clock

Homemade Gifts Repurposed From A Garage Sale Item!

My family has been making Christmas Gift for years for each other. It started when gift giving was getting out of hand.  We all made a promise that we would only MAKE the Christmas gifts for the family.  No price limits were set. The was left up to the maker of the gifts.  I have received many wonderful gifts over the years.  All are precious because my family made them especially for me. 

            I LOVED this record growing up!

    Repurpose this record album into something new!

This year I decided to make something out of record albums.  They are always in garage sales for a $1 or less.  I love it when I am able to repurpose or recycle things in my handmade gifts.  I bought 4 record albums at a garage sale.  I decided to paint the album in Satin Nickel spray paint.  I use this color because a couple of years ago my homemade gift that I gave to the family used this paint. While the weather was still kind of nice I spray painted the records.  They came out really nice.

Clock mechanism that I will use to make the clock

                                          Top corner of the package tells the size for projects

                                                                                                                                                                  I then hit Michael's Craft Store to find the clock's hands and workings.  I debated (with myself) if the clock needed numbers but decided against it.   The Clock mechanisms came in a couple of different sizes and I figured out that I needed a SMALL size (1/4 inch).

My husband thought that the hole in the middle of the album needed to be a tad bigger so he used a drill and drill bit to make it bigger.

        A Sharpe will transform these clock hands

            All pieces ready to be put together

Later the fun of putting the clock mechanisms in each of the clocks began. That was my husband's job.  My job was to marker the hands of the clock black.  The hands were silver on one side and gold on the other.  I thought ONLY the color black would look the best against the Satin Nickel color background.  By this time, the weather turned cold out and I could not spray paint them.  I decided to use a permanent Sharpe to do the job.  It worked great.

Wrapping these were a little bit of a challenge.  Then my husband realized that the pizza boxes from the local pizza shop would work perfectly!  So I bought 4 empty, clean pizza boxes to put clocks in.

If I had more time (weather permitting) I would have painted to pizza box too!  Is that so wrong?!

They look great! 


  1. This clock is beautiful, very sleek and modern. Makes a statement in any room.

  2. It was very easy to make. Glad you like it!