Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hints to Help Organize Your Garage Sale

Hints To Be Organized For Your Garage Sale

This is a small part of my garage sale. 

I find the best garage sales are the ones where people tried. They cleaned out the house of things they no longer could use. The items are all in good working order. The items are clean and displayed well. Like items put near each other (Example: Kitchen items go together and d├ęcor items go in their own area.  It is always the most fun to go to a garage sale where there is MORE than 1 family that brought items to sell. I myself have a garage sale every year and have between 14-17 friends and family members that bring over items to sell. We call my garage sale organized chaos. It is completely organized but there is so much to look at.

The beginning of making my Master List

People always ask me how I keep track of everyone's money with that many people in the sale? Well, I have come up with a system that works for me.

The Golden Rule: NOTHING comes over to my house to be sold WITHOUT a price and an initial on it.
I assign everyone selling in my sale an initial and that MUST go on EVERY price tag. This is how I know who to give credit for the sale to. I then take a LARGE sheet of yellow paper (it can be any color) but I just had this on hand. I actually put 3 sheets together to cover a square table that we use to check out at my garage sale. This will be my MASTER LIST.  Using a Sharpe marker and a long yard stick I make dividing lines. Between the lines I put in the initials of everyone that will be selling things. I also put these initials in alphabetical order to make it easy. I make one of these sheets for EVERYDAY that we are open.

Master List after 1 day open at my garage sale. 

  Each night, after a long day of selling items at my garage sale, I take this tally sheet and add up all the individual columns. It is now easy to divvy up the money from the garage sale. It is also easy to track a daily total of how much the garage sale sold that day. I then e-mail my friends and family with the info. Everyone looks forward to the daily report.

         Another small part of my garage sale
                ...down the driveway.

Happy Garage Sales!


  1. Looks like something for everyone. Thats the kind of sale I like.

  2. Everyone loves going to a garage sale where there is so many things to look at. We are open 3 days and have MANY people come back EACH day because they feel they may have missed things. Also, people get on their phones and call people to tell someone they know about the sale they shouldn't MISS!