Sunday, February 15, 2015

Set The DATE Of Your Garage Sale

It is Time to Set a Date for your Sale!

 Garage Sale Flyer

We just said good bye to another year and we are looking ahead to what lies ahead for this brand new year.  It is that time again, time to set the date for this years Garage Sale.  People think it is crazy to set the date for a garage sale this early in the year.  We hear in Michigan are in the middle of a LONG winter.  It is NEVER too early to be thinking about garage sales.  That just makes you more prepared for having a GREAT sale!  So we need to pull out the NEW calendar and decide when we want to hold our garage sale.

Calendar to set the DATE of to have your Garage Sale

I organize my whole subdivision garage sale.  I have been doing this for 19 years now.  I have found it best to have the sub sale around the same time EVERY year.  

This is the flyers that I print up to inform people
of the date of my Subdivision Garage Sale

I print my fliers 6 weeks BEFORE the garage sale.  I pass them out to ALL the homes in my sub.  The flyer simply tells the dates and times of the sale as well as my contact info.  I collect money (a small fee) from each of the homes that will participate in the sale to cover advertising in the local papers and printing of maps that will help shoppers navigate the subdivision.  I use small pony tail rubber bands that I buy at the dollar store. The about 500 rubber bands in a packet for just $1.00.   The rubber bands allows me to put the flyer on front doors easily.  I roll the flyer with the type on the outside.  This way it is easily identified by people when sitting on their counters at home. It is a little reminder to start thinking about the garage sale.

The Garage Sale Flyer will be put
on every homeowners front door

At this very early stage I send out e-mails to my family and friends that will bring items to sell in my sale. I give them a heads up and tell them to start cleaning out closets and cupboards.  I do get a handful of calls from people in the subdivision inquiring about the exact dates of the sale.  I have had people say they were planning trips and did NOT want to miss the sale. Or people that were planning parties did not want to have it on the same weekend so they would miss the sale.

        Ready and Waiting!

Garage $ale Groove!!


  1. Great ideas to get organized and get started! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea to be the first in your neighborhood to hold a Garage Sale, come Spring people will be eager for a garage sale. Plan ahead now, and start the purging.

  3. Having a garage sale is a wonderful way to get your house organized and clean.