Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Make A Window Valance With A BIG Impact!

Create A NEW Look For Your Windows

Contemporary Valances using Metal Wall Art

It was time that my family room got a NEW updated look.  I still loved the wall color but decided to get rid of the of the red accents in the room and replace it with silver accents.  This meant that I needed to find new window coverings.  I was having trouble finding any fabric valances that I liked in the room.  I thought I wanted a contemporary look. I realized I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own valances.  Did I mention I ALWAYS have GREAT ideas, it is just the implementation of my ideas is where I call on my family and friends.  The creative/handy people in my life that are able to execute all of my dreams. 

I found 2 of  these awesome metal wall art pieces at Joann's. (They were on sale!) 

Of course I needed to spray paint them silver.  

My handy husband made these wood boxes out of left over scrap plywood he had laying around.  I knew he would be painting them black so the metal silver wall hanging would pop.

wood box base painted black

This is how they came out. 

 We recently added a new flat screen tv.

                          I added this wall decal just above the tv that I bought from a garage sale.  

 My finished look.  I LOVE it!

Happy Garage $ale Groove!


  1. You are SO creative!! LOVE you new pictures ;-)

  2. Thanks to you for ALL of your help and encouragement.