Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Advertising Your Garage Sale with Signs

How To Advertise Your Garage Sale
This sign is easy to read and memorable

I have organized my subdivision garage sale for the past 18 years.  My subdivision sale is well known and MANY homes participate.  Signs are an important part of advertising your garage sale.

A sign like this will flank ALL entrances
into my subdivision 

I collect a small fee from each of the homes that will be having a garage sale.  This fee will cover the cost of advertising in local newspapers, printing of garage sale flyers (that tells homeowners the date the sale will be) AND maps for shoppers to navigate the streets in the subdivision.  Also the fees collected go toward the garage sale signs that are put near main roads to advertise the sale.

Garage sale signs at the entrances of a subdivision are FREE advertising.  Some cities or towns have specific ordinances about signs.  You should check into these rules before making signs.  The signs for my subdivision garage sale are made of plywood that has been painted a bold, eye catching color.  The dates of the sale on the sign are removable so that it can be repainted every year.  I purposely painted the date part of the sign a different color to stand out.  Easy to read when flying by down the road.

This part of the sign is removable so we can 
paint on NEW dates every year.

I find the bigger the sign, the better.  The brighter and noticeable is also a good attention grabbers.  There are TOO many signs for this sale at this entrance.  The main sign is done is soft paste colors.  Not really eye catching. 
There signs are too small to read while traveling past.

This sign was probably bought at Costco.  It seems to work because people expect information on these type of signs.  This sign is perfect if you don't want to make your own signs.
This sign is big enough to read

This is a BIG sign.  It is perfect EXCEPT it can only be seen when you are driving into the subdivision NOT seen when you are driving past on the main road.  It  needs to be 2 sided (or get 2 signs) and put them as people are driving past.

 This sign can only be seen when driving INTO
the sub not driving past the sub

Now is the time to start working on your signs for your GARAGE SALE!  

Garage $ale GrOOve

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