Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shower Curtain That Promises An Update Style

Shower Curtain With A NEW Look

Last year we remodeled our bathroom.  We gutted the space completely and my dad and brother re-tiled the whole bathroom.  It came out beautiful.  Don't ask exactly how long it took...that is another story.  

When I was decorating the space, I found this pre-existing shower curtain that went perfectly in the new space.  

I wasn't sure exactly how I would hang the curtain.  I did not want to keep it closed completely hiding the new tile work.  I also did not want to keep it open on just one side displaying the tub's faucet.  I decided that I could take the shower curtain and cut it right down the middle.  This way my beautiful tile would show. 

My mom's friend, Linda, was kind enough to hem up the cut sides for me since sewing isn't my thing.  I LOVE how this new shower curtain completed the look!


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