Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creative Wall Art Using A Curved Frame

Curved Frame Turned Into Wall Art

Once again I had another spot on my wall that needed another something to look finished and complete.  I looked high and low but nothing struck me for my budget.  I decided to see what I had laying around that was just begging me to reinvent it.

I found a very cool frame that I picked up from a garage sale. It was no ordinary frame but rather a curved frame.  It was big enough that would give a lot of presence to any area.  

My mom and  Aunt are both very creative making cards out of scraps.  My mom even has her own BLOG on the subject.  Mom found scraps of silver and also black poster board.   First we used the silver paper.  We decided to use the Cuttle Bug to give a dimension to the black paper which was the next layer. In addition, we used the very same imprint on the silver paper and layered that on the very top.  Putting these three papers together created the look that I was looking for.   We repeated this look 3 times in the frame. 

It came out AWESOME!

Garage $ale GrOOve!! 

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