Thursday, April 17, 2014

Must Haves For a Garage Sale

Things That Make A Garage Sale Run Smooth!

The very first thing on the list is HELP!  I mean friends and/or family to help you set up the sale, bring over things to sell so that your sale looks like a "HAVE TO STOP THERE" place to go and help to run the sale when you are open for business.  My garage sale has 14-17 families in it every year.

My Garage Sale is OPEN!  Let the fun begin!

Another item that will make your life easier, a master list with initials on it.  The Master List will keep track of everyone's personal sales.  The initials represents my friends and families.  Every item in my sale has a price AND initials on it.  This makes it easy to give the person credit for the sale.  I have seen many people in other garage sales that write by hand EACH item sold and price.  This takes too much time.  All you need to know is how much to credit that person with the sale.  So in the columns we just jot down the price under that initial.  Add up the numbers at the end of the day and you have that person's total sale for the day.

Take 3 sheet of large paper and I tape them together to fit on this table

This is what the paper looks like after a long day of selling things.  

Another must have is a Ca$h Box with plenty of change.  I always have plenty of quarters and singles on hand.  You NEVER want to have to make a run to the bank when your garage sale is open.  

My Ca$h Box.

I save all my plastic bags from grocery stores and I put them in one direction into a larger plastic bag.  This makes it easier for you to grab fast when you are packing up someone's purchases from your sale.  

Fold the plastic bag

Stuff the plastic bags into a larger plastic bag to make it easier to grab

These are the bags that I use for the Garage Sale.  
It is my version of recycling plastic bags

Garage $ale GrOOve!!


  1. Thanks for all your "tried and true" garage sale tips!! Just in time for the garage sale season :-)

  2. I hope that these tips makes your life easier when you host a garage sale.