Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tips For Garage Sale Set~Up...Garage Sale Ready

Get Ready For Your Garage Sale
Deciding to have a garage sale is where you begin.  Gathering items to sell is the next step.  Then the real work begins.
Clean out garage to get ready for your sale

Clean Out your Garage or the space that you will be using for the sale.  It is important to have as much space as possible.  You want your items to be displayed so that people can see them.  People need to be able to move freely through your garage.   

I use my big 6 foot tables to line the outer walls of my garage I fill in with card tables.   6 large tables will be placed down the middle of the garage.  In the back of the garage there are more tables to be able to display items. I put anything that can be put outside under the tables until the garage sale is  open.
Home Décor Area.  Notice the risers for extra space

Bath Area of the garage sale

 I have 14-17 friends and family in MY sale and everyone brings items to sell.  I borrow tables so that I can maximize space as much as possible.  I often use plastic risers to add another area of space.  This really helps being able to put things on top of the risers and under too. 

We use wall space to sell items.  The items under the table
 will be pulled outside when the sale begins.

 Each table has a designated theme.  For example: 3 tables against the outer wall is for "Kitchen Items" and in the middle of the garage is "Home Décor".  I keep these the same EVERY YEAR so that anyone helping me at the garage sale will easily know where things belong. 
Kitchen area in my garage sale

When the garage sale is finally open, I set out tables going down each side of my driveway as well as down the middle.  I set up my check out station right in the middle of the driveway
 Additional Sales floor going down the driveway

I also use my front lawn and sometimes have been known to use my neighbor's lawn (with their permission) to put things out for sale. I believe the more things that you can put outside makes people excited to stop and look.   

Front Lawn is a great area to spread out items.

Happy Garage Sales!

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  1. I like the idea of having a garage sale inside my garage. That way if it rains we are still good to go! BTW, you're blog is featured as this week's Blog of the Week over on Blog Mommas!! Happy Monday, Y'all!! WhooHoo!!!