Sunday, April 6, 2014

Window Cling Art Made Beautiful

Window Art That Is Beautiful And Useful!

There is much to be said about living in a subdivision.  Subdivisions create a community because of the many homes that are close together and friends within walking distance. Like many people living in subdivisions, my home has neighbors on each side.  Unfortunately, one of my bathrooms has a window that faces my neighbor's kitchen window.

Window Cling during the day.

I, like a lot of people, put up blinds in that bathroom that we NEVER opened. I am a person that loves sunlight streaming through ALL my windows.  I tried window frosting on that window but that was NOT the solution for me. I came upon a brand new Window Cling at a garage sale. I decided I would try it.
Window Clings can be found in most hardware stores.  They are easy to install.  They provide complete privacy at the same time lets in the light.  

This is the window cling at night

After I put up the window cling, I thought that if I painted the wood trim it would seem like an art piece.  I painted the trim in black.  It turned out better than I could even dream of.

Garage $ale GrOOve!!

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