Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wine Rack With A NEW Purpose!

Wine Racks Aren't JUST For Holding Wine Anymore!  

I came across this wine rack at garage sale this week and it made my wheels start to turn.  I thought this is a great item to do something useful with besides just holding wine.  I bought it and decided there were a couple of things I could use it for.  

I first thought I could put it on my bathroom counter to hold hair spray cans or other styling products.  

I quickly realized that I had a greater need for it in the shower.  This was stainless steel so no worries about rusting.  I thought it would be ideal to hold the many shampoo and conditioner bottles I own.  I know you are thinking why so many bottles of shampoo and conditioner?  I know I have a problem.  I like to use different shampoos EVERYTIME I wash my hair!

This was an easy repurpose with no additional work for me EXCEPT to think OUTSIDE  THE BOX!!

Garage $ale GrOOve

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