Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Centerpiece on a budget...Garage Sale Style

Centerpieces for Weddings or Graduations using items from a Garage Sale 

I am knee deep in graduation party planning right now.  I wanted a "Cheap and Cheerful" centerpiece for the tables so I went to my go-to-girls...my mom and aunt.  They are the 2 most creative people I know.  I told them I recently pick up some canning jars at a garage sale that we could use and they went from there.  

We decided to fill them up with things that I already had bought in the past from sales like marbles and some fancy rocks to hold the centerpiece down.  

My dad went on a mission on his property to find some branches that we could use (FREE).  I decided to spray paint them using a brushed nickle paint that I already owned.

I put the branch into the mason jar then taped it into place.  I wanted to stabilize it.  

 I found these green colored bags at a dollar store...(12 for a $1.00) and the blue tissue paper at the same store for (you guessed it) $1.00

My aunt thought we needed to put cut down the bag a little to show more tissue so she used a scrapbook cutter she had.  I love the wave design.

I gently put the mason jar inside the bag.  From this point, the ideas are limitless.  We took photos of my son (at ALL ages) and made copies then used a circle cutter to cut them out.  We them used a slightly larger circle cutter to cut out blue and green (school colors) card stock.  On each card stock we put on a picture.  Then we used 2 colored ribbons (you guessed it~blue and green colored) in the middle and tape the circles back to back.  This made an "ornament" that we tied from the tree branches.  We used 3 "ornaments" or 6 pictures on each cenerpiece.

If you are thinking about using this idea for a wedding...you could make the pictures of the bride on one side and the groom on the other.  You could go ANOTHER step further and if you are using this for table numbers too...use photos of the bride and groom at that age ie: Table 7 would have the bride and groom when they were age 7.  

Garage $ale Groove!

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