Sunday, June 1, 2014

Reasons For A Garage Sale

Garage Sales That You JUST can't miss!

There are many reasons to have a garage sale.  One, it to clean out to make room for new things. (That is my reason every year),  Another reason people hold garage sales as a fund raiser for whatever cause they want to support.  Or just to get rid of  a stock pile of things in a house.  

 I went to many garage sales this week but by far my favorite was this one!  I love a GREAT garage sale!  This sale was SO BIG that these people parked a POD in the driveway with items that were for sale inside too.

Plus the garage was full of items for sale!

I learned that this garage sale was a special situation.  The young lady that was running the sale had inherited ALL the items from her husband's aunt that had passed away this winter. Along with the thousands of items, this young couple was left with, the aunt's home needed to be sold too. They spent many weekends cleaning out the aunt's home.

The gal selling the items said that aunt was a shop-a-holic.   She bought everything on clearance.  When she liked something she would buy multiples of the items.  They found  bags of things designated with certain family members' names on it in the home.  Clearly, this lady had a big heart to think of her family in such a way.

Now the young lady had the task of getting rid of all of the thousands of items.  She decided to donate a LARGE portion of the estate to many shelters as well as donating it to the Salvation Army.  This sale  represented about 1/6th of the entire estate.  

The sale was very organized. All like items were together. Everything was clean and priced to sell.  
This was a situation where Life handed her she had a garage sale.

Garage $ale Groove!!

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