Saturday, July 5, 2014

Storage Bin That Is PERFECT To Use For A Party.

Storage Bin with a NEW Purpose

We ALL have these storage bins around the house.  I love storage bins and use them when I have garage sales.  I find that people like to be able to see through clear boxes for items.  My friend Joann  (who has her own popular BLOG was telling me about tips that she had for the upcoming graduation party that I was having for my son.  I thought this idea was brilliant!  

Joann said to take a short storage bin and you can put ice in it to keep things cold,  I thought this was so smart.  I went and dug up 2 short storage bins and decided to put 2 liters in on the bar.

  I thought everyone would be able to see the variety of pop that was offered while keeping them cold.  

Garage $ale Groove!!

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