Monday, August 11, 2014

CENTER PIECE For A Sweet Table

A Fun Way to Decorate a Table

Recently, I gave my son a graduation party.  One of the many highlights was a sweet table that I did. 

I decided that I wanted a large sweet table for guest to enjoy with many sweet treats to offer.  I had candy (many different kinds), cookies, bars, cup cakes, cake and my famous Carrot cake.  I also labeled all the goodies so that people knew what they would be tasting.  

This was only a small portion of the sweet table while I was setting it up.  Sorry I don't have a finished photo of the table.  It was a crazy day for me.  

I used a wave mirror that my aunt had bought from IKEA.  I used 7 water glasses that I recently purchased from a garage sale. I went to the Dollar Store and bought a bag of blue Mylar and green Mylar (school colors) and stuffed each water glass with one of the colorful Mylar. This added a nice touch of color to the table. I found the blue and green buckets at a garage sale too.  They were perfect to hold candy.

This was the main food table, a covered pool table. It worked perfectly.  I found the very large green bucket at a sale and used it to hold the rolled silverware in.

Garage $ale GrOOve!!

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