Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Folding Chair MakeOver

Folding Chairs With A  NEW Life

I bet that you have seen many metal folding chairs for sale in garage sales.  I have!  I decided to pick these folding chairs to keep in hand when we entertain.  I often loan chairs out  to friends/family for their parties too.
 I start by cleaning the chairs up with simple soap and water.  I will sand them down a little if it is needed.

I have picked up spray paint from garage sales in the past.   I try to buy a certain color of green (Hunter Green),  They don't always match but it is close enough.  I use this paint when I need to paint folding chairs.

Over the years, I have found fabric leftovers at sales.  I use this to recover the seats on the chairs.  I ALWAYS Scotch Guard the seats BEFORE I reattach them to the chairs.  

After I am finished, I have NEW and unique chairs.  I also put address labels on the bottom of each chair. Everyone knows who it belongs to. 

Garage $ale GrOOve!!  

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