Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Landscape Accessories Found At A Garage Sale

Add A Little Fun To Your Landscape

On one of my garage sale hunts, I found these fun curly poles. The lady selling them told me they are for growing tomatoes.   I liked the shape of them but I did not know what I would use them for (certainly NOT for growing tomatos!)

 I left that garage sale without them.  I DID return the very next day to this  sale to buy another object that I had been thinking about that I left behind.  Again, I looked at the curly poles and thought the price was right and I would buy them but not know exactly what I would use them for.  I put them in the corner of my garage for about 2 months until I decided to use them in the front of my house in the landscaping.  

I took primer spray paint first to the curly poles.  The original dark green color had to be a distant memory.

I had 2 different colors of spray paint on hand that looked very close just one a bit darker.  I used a Chrome color spray paint and a silver paint.  I liked that some of the poles were shorter than the others. 

I put them in the back of my landscaped for a little interest.  I LOVE how they turned out.

Garage $ale GrOOve! 

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