Sunday, June 21, 2015


Homemade Sun Catcher

Cut wood to create a triangle.  Each piece is 8 inches long,

Apply eye hooks on BOTH sides (this is the bottom) on the top he used 3 eye hooks (1 on each side)  I painted the entire thing black now.  

Add strong fishing line to the eye hooks

Found 2 boxes of stain glass pieces at a garage sale

Went through the boxes and made piles of glass that went together.

My husband bought a glass cutter at the local hardware store for $2.00.  While wearing gloves he cut the glass.

Use gauge wire to wrap each piece of glass

We took simple key rings for the top to hold the entire sun catcher

String the top eye hooks together for the top

Use fishing line to attach the stain glass to the bottom eye hooks

This is the completed sun catcher (sorry the shade is down but you can see it better).

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