Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Things To Do When Selling Video Games In A Garage Sale

I am often asked if I sell video games in my garage sale.  The answer is Yes!  That being said here are some tips that I use.

1) I group video games by the gaming systems.  Playstation 3 all together and group Wii games all together.  (yes I alphabetize them.  People usually are looking for certain games and like to easily look to see if you have it)

2) I REMOVE ALL video game disks from the original cases.  This is because there is often too many hands touching these cases and I don't want the video disks to "walk off".

3) I put EACH video disk in a zip lock sandwich bag.  Then I group the same video system together with a large rubber band (alphabetized order) and put a large sign stating with video system it is from.  

 4) I take ALL the video disks and put them into 1 plastic container.

5)I take a large bag (like the one below) and put the plastic container inside of that.  It is all in 1 place and everyone that works the garage sale knows where the video game disks are at.  

6) At the garage sale I put out the video game cases NEAR the cash box with a BIG SIGN that states:  You will get the video game when you pay for it.  

Garage Sale Groove!!

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