Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Paint Your Mixer CHEAP AND EASY!!

PART 2 ~

This is Part 2 on the tutorial on How To Paint Your Stand Mixer.  You can refer back to Part 1 here.  Now that you have taken great care to prepare your mixer for painting.  Now you need paint.  Appliance paint is what I used.  For just under $4.00 for a spray can,  I will have a new mixer.  I used Glossy Black colored paint.

I found it easiest to paint one half of the mixer at a time.  I was careful to put newspaper over the top half of the mixer so that I could paint the bottom and the cord easier.

Remember to paint the back piece of the top of the mixer now too.  

This is the finish bottom half of the mixer.  I DID paint the cord first before I painted the bottom.

You should leave the bottom half DRY COMPLETELY!  I let is dry overnight.  Then I took a Large plastic bag and put it on the bottom of the mixer.  I tape shut any open parts.

I flipped up the top of the mixer so that I could paint the bottom half of the top part of the mixer.

Next I put the top part of the mixer in the resting position and let the painting begin on that part.  It is looking so great!  

This is the finished part of the painting!  I LOVE IT!!  I did peel off some of the tape because I couldn't wait.  I let it dry for another over night period.  I want to make sure this was dry!  Do NOT be tempted to touch while wet!  You don't want to ruin any of the paint.

Now you need to pull of ALL the tape!  Every time I thought I got ALL the tape off I discovered more!  This is where I put back ALL the things that I took off like the metal plate that goes around the mixer.

The back "cap" on the top has to be screwed in AFTER you have put back the metal strap around the mixer.

Remember the plate and 3 screws that goes on the bottom

I decided to put polka dots on my mixer.  Just to make it fun.  My boys were very impressed with the mixer at this stage and thought I ruined the thing by adding polka dots.  I used a craft punch and some white vinyl.

I stuck them on my mixer! I LOVE IT!  

Garage Sale Groove!!

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