Monday, October 5, 2015


Paint Your Own Mixer to EXPRESS Yourself

Paint Your Mixer~ PART 1

The past summer flew by since my husband and I decided to redo (makeover) our kitchen.  The kitchen will be revealed in a future post.  But after all of our hard work I decided that I hated my ALMOND colored Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I LOVE my mixer but it no longer went with my new kitchen.  I was really thinking about buying a new mixer...but then I stumbled upon something on the internet about painting your mixer.  The more I researched, the more I found out that MANY people have painted their mixers!

I decided that I would give it a try!  FIRST I needed to CLEAN my mixer really well!  Clorox Wipes was what I used.

YIKES!! Some grim was hiding and became apparent when I used a tooth pick 

I used a screw driver to take out the screws and made sure that I put them in a safe place.

Take out ALL the screws.

Who knew that this was under that cover?

Take out the screws that hold the metal band that goes around the front of the mixer.

Clorox is needed here!

This the stripped down mixer

ALL the parts that I need to put back on later...keep them SAFE!

Start to tape off (with painter's tape) the parts that are NOT removable!

Very important to COVER the back of the mixer wiring.  I used 2 plastic sandwich bags (WITHOUT the ziplock seal) on top of each other and I secured a rubber band to keep them in place  

Push the plastic bags down to cover everything.

Keep taping!  I thought I was done with the tape only to discover I had more to tape!  UGH!

Let me just stress that this preparation is VERY important!  You really need to take your time to clean and cover all parts. This will ensure a great outcome.  

The next post will have the PART 2 of the transformation of your mixer!  It is worth the wait!

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  1. Awesome! I am so doing this! Pinned and shared on Facebook my friend!

  2. It was really a fun project to do. I feel very proud that I made a major change to a mixer that I love.