Thursday, October 22, 2015


How To REMOVE The Writing Decal OFF The Wall

I spent most of the past summer remodeling my kitchen.  I had words of wisdom (wall art) that I needed to remove from my wall before I painted my walls with the new paint color.  The saying "Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow" graced my walls for a long time.  Maybe 7 years.  Now it was time for these words to live in my heart and not on my walls. I was shocked to learn that those wall words were only design to stay on your walls for about 3 years.  YIKES!!  I went to the internet to find words of wisdom on how to REMOVE the saying.

The first thing I tried was heat.  I used my hair dryer.  This took forever and really did not work well.  Then I read that you should use rubbing alcohol.  You can see below where I used it on the "w".  It took off the top layer but not the bottom.  I really would NOT use that method!

I decided to try the "Magic Eraser".  I am really not a fan because I have heard stories how they ruined people's walls and they had to repaint.  I was already going to paint so I gave it a try...It worked!  A little elbow grease and it took it off.

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