Thursday, December 10, 2015


ORGANIZATION is the KEY To a Successful Garage Sale

I have a large Garage Sale every year.  My sale has 14 families in it alone!  We have been doing a garage sale every year for the past 20 years.  ALL my helpers know approximately the areas of the garage sale that things belong in.  We have a Kitchen area, Decor area etc.  This makes it easier when we set up.

 This is a small part of the video games we had for sale.  They are all organized by gaming system and then alphabetized. Easy for the shopper to find the game they are looking for.  See my post on Video Games for my IMPORTANT TIPS!!

Clear plastic tubs are ideal for putting like things in.  Easy to see from across the way.  I like to put on labels to help people easily identify the contents.

This is our Floral area

Large items are put on the lawn and similar items are grouped together (like the lawn chairs)

This is the kitchen area.  All items that relate to the kitchen goes here.

This garage sale we had 3 sleds for sale.  They ALL were in the same area.  This helps the customers figure out which one(s) they want.

Garage Sale Groove!!

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