Thursday, March 31, 2016


Wrapping Silverware Made Easy

This year we will be hosting a graduation party.  I always like to stay on top of things and get things done ahead of time.  So wrapping silverware is one of these jobs.  

Here are the napkins that I bought for the occasion.  

Start by turning the napkins over (back of the napkins are now faced up)

Here is the plastic silverware that I bought for the party.

Here is some green curling ribbon that will be used to tie around the napkin.

I pre-cut the ribbon. I just used the silverware box to measure the ribbon.

My son (the graduate) puts the silverware in the middle of the napkin and fold half over.
Tucking it in and rolling.

Now take the pre-cut ribbon and tie 

I do not tie the ribbon in knots because I find it hard for people to open up the napkins when they use them.

Use scissors to curl the ends.

I put them in the container that I will use for the party and cover well with plastic wrap until you are ready to use.

Garage Sale Groove!!

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