Monday, July 18, 2016



This was the original cabinets~ 

My husband took new wood and covered the grooves and made a new look to the cabinets

After much research...We decided to use this product to make over the cabinet finish.  This box has what you need to DIY your cabinets.  You pick the color you want.

We set up our basement like an assembly line.  We covered the floor with tarps, and put up tables that we also covered in plastic table clothes.  We did this in the basement because we felt we didn't have to worry about wind and dirt flying around!

This case of pop was an important part of our kitchen remodel.  We used it to put the doors and drawers on so that it made it easier to paint. 

We used throw away containers to lift the doors off the table to dry completely

The Rust-oleum Kit  has all that you need in it but we put new wood over the old wood and was told that they wouldn't take the product the same so we decided to prime everything with a tinted primer.  

This is the primed cabinet styles

This is after we completed using the Rust-oleum kit on the styles...we used LOTS of painters tape!  This whole process took us about 8 weeks to complete.  It was worth it!

Doors are back on finally!

Garage Sale Groove!!

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