Friday, October 21, 2016


5 Tips to Organize When Cleaning OUT!!

Laundry Room BEFORE the Clean Out!



 There is a "Golden Rule" of Garage Sales that is you NEVER sell ANYTHING that you know is broke without full disclosure!  You would NOT want to buy something at a sale that is broke.  That is the reason for a throw out pile. 

5 Tips to Clean Out:

1st Tip: Empty out the space you want to clean out.  If the space is too big and overwhelming, start by a shelf or one rack of the closet.  This makes it more manageable. 

2nd Tip:    Make 3 piles to start:   Garage Sale Pile
                                                        Keep Pile
                                                        Throw Out Pile

Laundry Basket is the Throw Out Pile!

                        Garage Sale Pile

3rd Tip:  Sort EVERYTHING in the cupboard/closet/room into one of the 3 piles.  *If you haven't used something in 1 year you need to get it out of your house to make room for new things.

4th Tip: Put ONLY the items that you have decided that you can't live without back neatly in your cupboard/closet/room.

       Keep Pile

5th Tip: The items in the Garage Sale Pile must be put somewhere you have deemed as your "Garage Sale holding area" .  (Mine is in my basement under a table)  

Garage Sale Groove!!


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