Friday, November 18, 2016

Thinking Thanksgiving...prepare early!

Hosting Thanksgiving with a little help from garage sales.

     My Thanksgiving Table ready for Turkey Day! 
Thanksgiving is upon us once again. We will be having 20 people for dinner in my finished basement.  Today, I set the table for our Thanksgiving feast.   Yes, Thanksgiving is still 1 short week away. I believe if you can do something ahead of time, you can enjoy yourself when the actually day arrives.

 This is my Grandma's China on my Thanksgiving Table.

My Thanksgiving table includes fine china and crystal.   My grandmother passed down her set of china for 12 people to me and I use it every Thanksgiving.  I have added additional pieces of my grandma's china set from garage sales that I have traveled too. 

While the china and crystal are from garage sales so are all the linens, napkins, silverware, candle holders, decorations and even the folding chairs. 

     A little Christmas on our Thanksgiving Table

On our Thanksgiving table there are little reminders of my family and friends. My grandma's china still center stage of the table.   Also on the table are a special pair of Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers given to me by a special friend.   

After the table is set up and ready to go I cover it with plastic table cloths.  On Thanksgiving day I simply  have to take the plastic covers off and I am ready.

Set up and waiting for Thanksgiving Day!

Garage Sale Groove!!

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