Thursday, December 1, 2016


SIMPLE Wall Art From The Unexpected

    IKEA Napkin Holder found at a Garage Sale

In my garage sale travels a couple of years ago I stumbled upon this IKEA Napkin holder. It is simply a plastic square base with square cut outs and a flexible metal rod with a larger metal piece on the end. 

IKEA NAPKIN HOLDER doing what it was meant to do!  


I decided to look at this piece in a different way.   I liked the design of the napkin holder so I decided to repurpose it.  I hung it in my newly remodeled bathroom.  I had a wall that was not too big and needed a little something that could stand by it self.  I hung the napkin holder up on the diagonal.  No paint or wood needed to transform this item.  It simply needed a new identity.  Change the way you think of an item.  It looks amazing!  Everyone compliments me on the art work. 


Garage Sale Groove!!

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