Thursday, March 30, 2017

How Freebies Can Make You Money At Your Next Garage Sale

How Freebies Can Make You Money
 At Your Next Garage Sale

By: Kaya Wittenburg ~Founder and CEO of Sky Five Properties
(Guest Contributor)

It’s no secret that people coming to a garage sale are looking for a good deal. They’re hoping to find treasure amongst someone else’s “trash” and expect to walk away paying as little as possible for something they really want or need. And since these people are looking for the garage sales with the best deals, what deal beats free? Believe it or not, by offering freebies at your next garage sale, you can actually attract more people and in turn, make more money. Here are a few creative ways the free stuff can actually turn into a profit for your next Saturday morning sale.

Knowledge is power, and people love the opportunity to get free advice or info, so why not use your garage sale as a way to share your wisdom and expertise with the community? If you’re an expert in a particular field, offer free advice or informational brochures that people could use. For instance, a realtor in Miami may give shoppers a copy of the Sky Five Properties lease purchase guide to shoppers who are looking to buy a new home, while an engineer could offer to answer commonly asked questions about technology issues.

Free Stuff For Kids
Putting a bucket of inexpensive kids toys (think treasure box type toys like bouncy balls, happy meal toys, and other cheap plastic toys you can buy in bulk at any party store) Kids will enjoy rummaging through the basket, and parents will have no option but to browse your tables while their children spend 20 minutes making the life and death decision between picking a red bouncy ball or a glitter pencil.

Free Stuff For Pets
Pet people love garage sales because they can pick up cheap stuffed animals for their four legged friends as a toy instead of spending full price on something their dog is going to rip up anyway. Dog toys that have been barely used you can sell, but if you have a few toys that have been especially loved on by your pet, give them away for free to make another dog’s day.

Free Stuff For Writers
People can never have enough free pens or pencils, so leave a jar out with pens and pencils for people to take. Notebooks, “to-do lists” that stick to the fridge, and computer or construction paper are always nice to have and even nicer to have when you don’t have to pay for them.

Free Stuff For The Hungry Shoppers
Bake some cookies and offer one to each shopper, as they check out. Don’t have time to cook? Buy cookies at the store in bulk and give them away when customers complete their purchase. This is a good tactic to use towards the end of your sale when crowds are small, since word will spread fast and you’ll attract more customers. Bottled water, soda, and bags of chips are also good options to give away to paying customers

Some other freebies that are easy to do and people really appreciate include:

Giving away freebies at your garage sale attracts more customers, and creates a positive relationship with the shoppers who are already there.  It’s also a good way to get rid of the stuff you’re not going to use anymore, and limits the clutter in your space. You’ll create a good reputation for being a garage sale with a lot of goodies, and people will look forward to your next sale.

A Special Thank you to my Guest Contributor~

Kaya Wittenburg is the Founder and CEO of Sky Five Properties. With world-class negotiation and deal-making skills, he brings a highly impactful presence into every transaction that he touches.

Garage Sale Groove!!

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