Friday, April 7, 2017

Water Bottle Labels~DIY

Personalized Water Bottles for ANY Occasions!

I first start with the water bottle.  I make sure they are at room temperature so the tape will stick.

Peel off the existing labels (save 1 to use as a size template)

Go on your computer and pick out a FONT that you want to use and the wording to fit the occasion.  This was for a Baby Shower I was giving. 

Two Lines fit well onto your bottle.  You can fit 5 labels onto one 8x11 sheet of regular paper (you do not need card stock).  I used a 30 Font to do this project.

Print the labels.  I then use the original water bottle label (for sizing) to measure as I cut (use a paper cutter).

Use CLEAR Packing Tape over the paper and adhere it to the bottle.

Great for Weddings, graduations or any party that you host!

Garage $ale Groove!!

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