Thursday, April 12, 2018


The countdown has begun, my garage sale is just around the corner.  I have gathered items that I will selling at my sale. 

I now have to price EVERYTHING...

                       This tag gun is great for pricing clothes

Tips To Price Items:

Tip #1~  EVERYTHING in your garage sale MUST be priced!  I have been to many garage sales that people don't price things.  I believe if you have to ask the price of can't afford it.  You don't want people thinking they can't afford things at your garage sale.  

Tip #2~ Price to SELL!  Prices should be reasonable.  I am NOT saying price things dirt cheap but reasonable.  I have had one man tell me he had some priceless items he wanted to sell so he had a garage sale.  He was disappointed the valued items did not sell instantly and were insulted when customers made them a low offer for the treasure.(See Tip #3).    

Tip #3~ If you have a VALUABLE item DO NOT sell it at a garage sale.  I find that shoppers at a garage sale are looking for deals.  People will have a hard time spending top dollar for an item.  My advice is to sell the valuable item on eBay, Craig's List or on a FaceBook Garage Sale Site.  

Tip #4~ ALL items you sell should be clean.  Clean items will make people desire them. People don't want dusty items to bring into their homes.  PLEASE DO NOT clean antiques in anyway to de-value them.

Tip #5~ When using stickers for your price tags, put them on the items in a place that will not ruin the value of things.  I have seen price tags on the front of beautiful art and has destroyed the item that it could no longer be used.  I have seen a price written in permanent marker on china.

Garage $ale GrOOve!!

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