Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wine Rack Turned Into Modern Art

Wine Rack Transformed To Modern Art

I found this Brand NEW Wine rack at a garage sale
...see how I transformed it!  

...see how I transformed it!
I scored this BRAND NEW Wine rack from a newlywed couple that got it as a wedding gift.  They must have missed its' potential.  I knew a little spray  paint would transform it.  I decided one side would be black and the other side would be painted silver.

Taping is the critical step here before you paint.  So I covered up on side with newspaper and tape.

I painted the first side black.  I was so pleased how things were beginning to shape up.  After completely dried, I covered and taped up the newly painted side to paint the unpainted side silver.

I am so happy with the results!  It is truly a NEW modern art piece.  


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