Thursday, January 3, 2019

Tip to Help Sell LARGE and/or EXPENSIVE Things in Your Sale!

Recently my sister-in-law decided to clean her house from top to bottom.  She decided to have a garage sale to sell all of her treasures.  She had many large items like couches, dressers and curio cabinets.

While she was having her garage sale she listed her garage sale on Craig's List and also listed each of the large items  individually on Craig's List.  She listed her cell phone number to TEXT her only if interested.  That way she drew alot more attraction to these items.  There are also on-line garage sale sites that you can join through FaceBook.  You can list items on these sites as well during your sale.  This worked out really well and a week AFTER the sale people were still inquiring about the items from Craig's List.  You can delete items from Craig's List and the FB sites when they sell.

Garage Sale GrOOve!!

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